To mark the International Day of Peace and Nigeria @ 61, the Foundation for Peace, Hope and Conflict Management (FPHCM), Nigeria organized a marathon race contest in Wukari in bid for using sport as a paradigm for peace. 

This was to unite the youth together as they key roles in peacebuilding and national development.

The Executive Director of FPHCM, Rev. Fr. Prof. Anthony I. Bature stressed on the need for peaceful coexistence and social cohesion in our world.

“The world has been badly affected by war and terror. We can take the example of the First and Second World Wars, these wars created the biggest disaster whose aftereffects can be felt still now. Even our own sub-continent has been the big victim of terror riots which badly affected our education, lifestyle, economical value, and social values. There is a need to give the terrorists a retort of their bad deeds and save our world from them. It is time to make this world a peaceful paradise. We must live as one, we must learn to live together as a family.”

The event involved participants from different religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds –  male and female – with a drive for peaceful living in the community.

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