The Plateau State Peace Building Agency (PPBA) is an institutional framework established by law to respond to the challenges of peace and security in the state. Our mandate is to promote the culture of peace and harmonious coexistence, among the various ethno-religious divides on the Plateau. we operate through strategic partnerships with state and non state actors, we also coordinate conflict resolution and peace building interventions of stakeholders who work in and around the issues of Peace Building and conflict prevention. we believe in the creative engagement of young people and gender mainstreaming in peace building efforts as a panacea for building lasting peace in our communities, thus we constantly evolve strategies for youth and women empowerment, and also assist vulnerable groups to be useful to themselves and their societies. we are non-partisan, non-religious and non-ethnic, and our work is all geared towards building a safer and more stable plateau that is at peace with itself and the rest of the world.

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